Diving Kings Beach Caloundra

Australia day 2017
Under here we go
Another world to explore
Cheers, Australia!

Dive Log
Dive Time: 56 minutes
Max Depth: ~6m


Next time we will make sure to get some pics of the fish as well!

Happy Bubbles…


Murky Diving at Tweed River!

We went shore diving at Tweed River today. Visibility was nice for Tweed, but pretty poor compared to other dive sites such as our last trip to Julian Rocks, Byron Bay. It really makes us appreciate how clear the water was when we went diving with sharks!

Nonetheless, diving was fun and we got to try out some new toys – torch, diveslate, split fins and camera. The torch was bought on eBay for just over $20 and it was well worth the money, illuminating the murkiest parts under rocks and in small caves. Hope you enjoy!