Mooloolaba SCUBA Diving at Hanging Rock

Goooooooood morning Australia!!!!

After much planning, several episodes of poor weather and shuffling around we have finally managed to get out there (under there…) for another dive!

What a great day! Spending the first day of the Christmas break SCUBA diving practically in our own backyard in the Sunshine Coast at a locally known dive site, Hanging Rock.

Hanging Rock is easily accessible by boat. Leaving from SeaLife Aquarium, our trip out was about 10-15 minutes and was blessed with calm conditions. The site is mostly a leveled dive site which reaches a maximum depth of just over 18m with a centrally located rocky overhang sitting smug as the main event. This harbours coral, fish and various other creatures and critters.

Dive Log
Location: Hanging Rock, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Dive Time: 40 minutes
Max Depth: Just over 18 m
Dive Buddy: C, G, R (Guide)

Please enjoy a few of our photos, the nudibranch and lion fish were certainly both highlights of the dive. 


Broadcasting out to 1/3 of the world… Merry Christmas & Happy Bubbles!

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